The Public Banking Forum of Ireland (PBFI) was setup in 2013 by Jim Miller.

Much more information can be found on the Public Banking Project, the various types of Public Banking throughout the world and the many organisations and people promoting Public Banking and monetary reform on the PBFI Website:  PBFI Website:


The Concept Document for an Irish public Banking System:

A comprehensive Concept Document for the Irish Public Banking System has been produced by the German Public Savings Bank non profit Foundation the SBFIC. The SBFIC are currently assisting with 32 projects in 31 countries, worldwide.

The ‘Workgroup’ and Funding:

Work on the Business Plan, Operational Plan and Legal Structure for the Irish Public Banking System will be completed when our fundraising target of €250,000 has been reached. This work will be done by a ‘Workgroup’ led by the SBFIC and made up of a team from the SBFIC, and interested Irish groups such as ISME, the PBFI and hopefully the Credit Unions with input from the Post Offices, Farm Organisations and others.


Three political parties, two political alliances and many independent candidates now support public banking. ISME, representing over 9,500 SME’s, the BRUI and the ISBA also support the project.

The Concept Document for Ireland’s Local Public System.

The DSGV-SBFIC Produced a Concept Document for  a new Local Public Banking System tailored to the needs of the Irish economy and people. See the SBFIC page for more details.

Preliminary Remarks from the Concept Document:

1. Preliminary Remarks
The “German Savings Banks Association” (DSGV) and its not-for-profit consulting arm, the “Savings Banks Foundation for International Cooperation” (SBFIC), have been invited to develop a proposal to establish a new Local Public Banking System tailored to the needs of the Irish economy and people.
In 2014 representatives of SBFIC met with the “Public Banking Forum of Ireland” (PBFI). 1 Various meetings with government representatives, politicians and Irish business associations followed and a feasibility study was carried out by SBFIC mid 2014.
The present document sketches a proposal to establish a Local Public Banking System which will help to fill supply gaps, which apparently limit the access to financial services in Ireland. An improved access to finance will be vital for a continuous economic recovery and development – especially for the local Irish SME sector and the local population.