The Introduction of Community Public Banking to Ireland in various forms is now supported by

Sinn Féin, The Social Democrats, Rural Alliance TDs, Independents4Change, AAA/PBP, The Labour Party, The Green Party, R2C, DDI-NCM & Renua. 

Also by ISME & the BRUI

And virtually every independent TD


The Community Banking move is definitely on.

 We invite you to join us in our mission to introduce Regional Community Public Banks to Ireland.

Please make contact with us through our Contact Page or e-mail us at

Together we will make Public Banking a reality in Ireland!


The Introduction of Public – Community Banking to Ireland in various forms is now supported by all the above Candidates and 

Sinn Féin, The Green Party, DDI-NCM, R2C, Renua & The Social Democrats. 

Political Parties who have so far rejected the introduction of Public Banking in favour of the current self-serving commercial Bank Monopoly of c. 95%, include FG & FF.  

We have received messages of support and encouragement from members of all these parties but their leaders are not convinced or are compromised.  We ask you if you are involved with any of these parties to work to educate them and bring them on-board with the project.