The Introduction of Community Public Banking to Ireland in various forms is now supported by

Sinn Féin, The Social Democrats, Rural Alliance TDs, Independents4Change, AAA/PBP, The Labour Party, The Green Party, R2C, DDI-NCM & Renua. 

Also by ISME & the BRUI

And virtually every independent TD


The Community Banking move is

very definitely on.

 We invite you to join us in our mission to introduce Regional Community Public Banks to Ireland.

Please make contact with us through our Contact Page or e-mail us at

Together we will make Public Banking a reality in Ireland!


The Following 35, 2016 Election Candidates support the Public Banking Project:


James Miller – Independent Candidate – Longford-Westmeath

  • PBA Logo VescoFounder and Chairman of the Public Banking Forum of Ireland (PBFI) and founder of the Public Banking Alliance


Jim is ex Defense Forces, Custume Barracks, Athlone.

He founded and is Chairman of the Public Banking Forum of Ireland, a voluntary cMILLER-FEB.16-014ountrywide group working to introduce Regional Public Banks to Ireland. Jim has worked tirelessly over the last three years to bring the benefits of Public Banking to the public’s attention. He has now setup the Public Banking Alliance to bring together candidates and groups from all over the country who support the introduction of Regional Public Banks across the country. 




Jim is putting the case to the people of Longford – Westmeath, for a Midland Regional Public Bank.

This Regional Community Bank will have the main objectives of,

  • Supporting Small Businesses and families
  • Strengthening and empowering communities
  • Providing safety for depositors

Jim Miller on RTE –

Election 2016 One Minute Message – RTE

Jim Miller on RTE

He has a broad range of interests but wants to focus the Longford – West Meath electorate on this long term solution to a vast range of money and debt related issues which are having a very negative impact on the general public.




Peter Mathews TD –  Independent Candidate – Dublin South

Peter Mathews

Peter is and has been a supporter of the Public Banking Project for some time.

Peter Mathews speaking on the Banking Inquiry:

Speaking on the Report itself, Deputy Mathews said, “A waste of time. An embarrassment to the thousands of people effected by the disaster we found ourselves in. The witnesses, the questions, the handling of the evidence, everything was shambolic. A complete and utter farce.”

Dáil Éireann
Leinster House, Kildare Street – Dublin 2

 phone+353 01-6184443


Election 2016 One Minute Message – RTE


Finian McGrath – Independent – Dublin Bay North



Dáil Éireann
Leinster House
Kildare Street, Dublin 2
Tel: 618 3031/3942

Constituency Office: 01 851 1530



I support the Public Banking Alliance.

Best wishes, Finian McGrath TD

Election 2016 One Minute Message – RTE


Diarmuid O’Flynn – Independent Alliance Candidate – Cork North West






Only a fool wouldn’t see the merit in this! Great idea.

Regards, Diarmuid O’Flynn


Election 2016 One Minute Message – RTE


  • Tommy Broughan T.D. – Dublin Bay North – Constituency

Thomas P. (Tommy) Broughan T.D. I am an Independent TD for the Dublin Bay North Constituency and have represented our constituency in Dáil Éireann since 1992.

I am very supportive of Public Banking and am happy to support the Alliance.

Very Best Wishes, Tommy Broughan T.D.

Election 2016 One Minute Message – RTE


Paul Murphy AAA-PBP – Dublin South – West

Facebook: /paulmurphytd/

Twitter: @paulmurphyAAA

Paul Murphy.


Constituency Dublin South-West
Phone  (01)6183071



  • Paul Clarke – Independent Candidate – Dublin North Central

 Paul ClarkePaul has been a supporter of the Public Banking Project almost from its outset in 2013.

  • Website: 
  • 089 202 7675



Election 2016 One Minute Message – RTE


  • Richard Cahill – Independent Candidate – County Clare

  • Just like you, I’m sick of the rhetoric and misinformation that has emanated from successive Dublin Biased, political party directed Governments. I propose we challenge the status quo.





Election 2016 One Minute Message – RTE


John Wilson – Independent – Cavan–Monaghan

I doJohn Wilsonn’t believe in right and left politics, I believe in right and wrong politics. I am a slave to no ideology and a conviction driven person.

John Wilson came to prominence as a whistle-blower on corruption in An Garda Síochána, in which he served for more than 30 years.



Election 2016 One Minute Message – RTE


  • Direct Democracy Ireland & The National Citizens Movement

  • Fully Supporting the Public Banking Project and the Alliance.

DDI & Cit Move

Mick McDermott DDI – Cavan-Monaghan

Election 2016 One Minute Message – RTE


Tom Darcy DDI Dublin Bay North

Tom Darcy





Excerpt form Tom’s book, Waiting for the Sheriff – Page 156

Tom Darcy’s conversation with The Irish Bank Whistleblower calling himself ‘Slim Shady’. 

Tom: I sat stunned. ‘How do you sleep at night?’ I asked.

‘That’s the game,’ smiled my whistleblower, ‘there are winners and losers. You can’t win when we hold all the cards.’
Hardly able to contain my rage I demanded to know why he was telling me all this if he held all the cards.
Mr Shady sat back comfortably.
‘So that you know the bank will always win. We are in charge of this country because we control the money. The judges do what we tell them because they’re scared we will come after their homes too and government ministers are only thinking about their pensions and payoffs.

Tom’s book, ‘Waiting for the Sheriff’ gives an excellent insight into the corruption and control system that is the commercial banking system.

Christopher Healy DDI  Dublin Mid-West

Election 2016 One Minute Message – RTE


Cormac McKay DDI  Dublin North West

Election 2016 One Minute Message – RTE

Neville Bradley DDI  Dublin South Central 

Election 2016 One Minute Message – RTE

Stephen Sinclair DDI – Dublin South West

Election 2016 One Minute Message – RTE



Raymond Whitehead DDI  Dún Laoghaire 

Election 2016 One Minute Message – RTE

Aengus Melia DDI – Galway East

Election 2016 One Minute Message – RTE


Katrina Hutchinson DDI – Wicklow

Election 2016 One Minute Message – RTE


Ruairi O’Neill DDI  Galway West 

Election 2016 One Minute Message – RTE


Aoife O’Connell DDI – Cavan Monaghan

Election 2016 One Minute Message – RTE



Stephene-Healy-400x400Stephanie Healy DDI – Longford-Westmeath 



Election 2016 One Minute Message – RTE


Anthony Connor DDI  – Louth 

Election 2016 One Minute Message – RTE


pat greene1Pat Greene DDI Louth

Pat Greene Leader of Direct Democracy Ireland

We at Direct Democracy Ireland believe that Direct Democracy provisions are a living Political and Social process of Governance of a Nation belonging to and giving the Sovereign Irish People the inalienable right of unfettered Political Accountability, Transparency with citizen deliberated decisions from their Elected Representatives / Politicians / Public Officials at Local, National and International Levels



Alan Lawes DDI – Meath West







 Edward Quilty DDI – Waterford

Election 2016 One Minute Message – RTE


David Lloyd DDI  – Wexford 

Election 2016 One Minute Message – RTE


  • Ben Gilroy – Direct Democracy Ireland – East Meath – Constituency

Ben Gilroy

Ben has been outspoken on the problems with the current banking system for many years.

My background is in law. I have been actively involved saving family homes, businesses and farms from Banks, Vulture funds and Financial vested interests.





Election 2016 One Minute Message – RTE


  • Teresa Ryan-Feehan – Offaly/North Tipp – Constituency

Birr, Co. Offaly.



Tel: 087 469 6750

  • Balanced regional development rather than resources going to large urban centres.
  • Keeping water, forests and parklands in public ownership.
  • To protect home owners and scenic areas from industrial wind turbines.
  • To maintain the family farm as the centre of our rural economy.
  • Support for small businesses – the backbone of Ireland’s economy.
    • Irish neutrality and maintaining our role as a peacekeeper.


Election 2016 One Minute Message – RTE



  • Declan Crowe – Independent Candidate Kildare – Constituency

Declan is based in Nurney and is a supporter of the Public Banking Alliance and the Public Banking Project

Contact Declan:

Kilberncross, Nurney, Co. Kildare
Tel: 086-871 0353


I have signed up to both the reinstate 48 and 1YI campaigns as I believe it would make Ireland more democratic.



Election 2016 One Minute Message – RTE


Stephen Manning – Independent – Mayo – Constituency 


Election 2016 One Minute Message – RTE



Mike Cubbard -Independent – Galway City Central

mcubbard1I am 25 and I’m from Camillaun Park in Westside. I was elected onto Galway City Council in 2014 when I topped the poll as an Independent candidate.

Election 2016 One Minute Message – RTE


Sheikh Ahmed – Independent Candidate – Waterford

Mob: 0876760012S Ahmed


Irish national minority council President Mr Sheikh Mohiuddin Ahmed is going to contest for Dáil from Waterford as an Independent Candidate. Law Graduate from Waterford IT Mr Sheikh previously contested for city council in 2010.







Election 2016 One Minute Message – RTE


Des Hayes – Independent Candidate – Limerick City

Des Hayes Independent Voice For Limerick Flyer (1)


Phone numbers:

M: 087 4444 902 – T/F: 061 395664



Desmond Hayes Limerick

Social links:

Henry Gaynor – Independent Candidate – Kerry

Henry Gaynor

Why I’m running for election.

“We must make our choice. We may have democracy, or we may have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can’t have both”.



mobile: 0872846850

facebook:  Henry Gaynor



Mary Smyth – Independent Candidate – Cavan Monaghan

Mary Smythe E-mail:





The Introduction of Public – Community Banking to Ireland in various forms is now supported by all the above Candidates and 

Sinn Féin, The Green Party, DDI-NCM, R2C, Renua & The Social Democrats. 


Political Parties who have so far rejected the introduction of Public Banking in favour of the current self-serving commercial Bank Monopoly of c. 95%, include FG, FF, Labour.  

We have received messages of support and encouragement from members of all these parties but their leaders are not convinced or are compromised.  We ask you if you are involved with any of these parties to work to educate them and bring them on-board with the project.