NutshellThis was written as Text message for a friend.

Germany has nearly 70% Public Banks, 42% public n 26% Co-op banks. Small banks that are the back bone of the German economy, the 4th biggest in the world. 3 banks in Ireland have over 90% of the marked. They basically control the country by controlling the money supply. Further restrictions are being put on the Credit Unions by government n the central bank continuously to prevent them competing. The CUs cannot survive under their current model. Their funds of prob €7bn are by by law held in the private banking system, returning just 0.9%. Lending is down over 50%. The CUs could setup regional banks, take back their funds n lend them for productive purposes in the communities. A public banking system takes no profits out of the economy, the private system continually takes between 30% & 40% of the profits of the economy.  The Public Banking Forum of Ireland, now joined by the Public Banking Alliance are working to introducing a network of 10 Regional Public Banks across Ireland to support communities n SMEs who provide over 70% of all jobs. The Post Offices Network could be used as Service Outlets fr the PB’s.

In a Nutshell.

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